Ceramics Factory

Durable Finnish Ceramics

Pentik's ceramics factory is the northernmost in the world. It is situated near the Arctic Circle in Posio, Finland. During the 40 years of its operation, Pentik has developed production technology that is unique worldwide. Our technology enables us to manufacture various different products, also in small batches. In the course of time, our staff has grown from apprentices to masters in ceramics. Our factory has now 40 skilled employees, and we manufacture approximately 300 000 ceramic products every year.


How an Idea Becomes a Product?

It All Starts from the Drawing Board

Our four designers, Anu Pentik, Minna Niskakangas, Lasse Kovanen and Liina Harju, create timeless and durable ceramics for the changing seasonal collections and Pentik's main product range.

Materials, moulds and casting

We prepare the clay ourselves. The feldspar and silica come from Finland. The products are shaped with plaster moulds, moulding machines, presses or by hand.

Handles and bisque firing

The handles are attached to the cups by hand, and the edges are smoothened. The four bisque firing kilns are heated by LPG. The bisque firing temperature is 900 °C and time 24 hours. The waste heat of the kilns is sold to the municipal heating network. 


We are specialized in stencil decoration and painting studio ceramics with our own art glazing. The ceramicware are decorated by hand, and all tools needed in the decoration process are made in Posio as well. The decoration colours are mixtures of clay, ceramic dye and glazing.

Ceramic glazing

The glaze is applied on a product with a machine, sprayer or by hand. Glazed product is then fired in a kiln at 1,235 °C for 11.5 hours. Should a product break in kiln, the pieces will be utilized in mosaics.

 Decals and grinding 

After the glazing process, a decal is placed on the product, and it is fired again to melt the decal image onto the glazed surface. When the decal is ready, the base of the product will be ground smooth. The products are then assorted and placed on packaging platforms. The packages are sent to the logistics centre, continuing their journey to the stores and eventually to homes.


Candle factory

In Posio, the candles are made using candle moulds. The coloured liquid stearin-paraffin mixture is poured into moulds that already have wicks in them. We also manufacture the candle moulds. After the casting, the candles are removed from the moulds. The candles will then be finished and marked with a Pentik Finland label, after which they will be carefully packed and sent to the logistics centre for transport to stores. Eventually the candles will find their way to gift-wrappings, dinner tables and special occasions.



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