Sculptural Arkki and fresh Vaahtera pattern

The classical and beautiful Arkki ceramics series is designed by our designer Lasse Kovanen. The series has a repeated geometrical shape that comes to life in light, just like a sculpture. Fill the vase with spring flowers or assemble a fresh salad onto the Finnish bowl. Vaahtera print has been painted with watercolours. It has an abundance of details, and yet the atmosphere remains calm, thanks to the restricted colour scheme. ‘The vernal blooming of trees lasts only for a passing moment, but that makes it all more beautiful and touching. That feeling strengthens and sentimentalises time and time again. It is astonishing to notice that even if youth and fresh beauty last only but a moment, it is still eternal’, notes Lasse Kovanen, the designer of the print.

Vaahtera products 


Sleek and timeless Jäkälä

Designed by Minna Niskakangas, Jäkälä (Lechen) is a simplistic pattern for those who love clear lines. This graphic yet soft pattern represents timeless design that never goes out of style. 

Jäkälä collection

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