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We have the passion for creating long-lasting beauty

Pentik Studio makes ceramic art for home decoration. We have the passion for creating long-lasting beauty. Our products are made in small batches and decorated by hand. Studio decorations are made with stencils or they are hand-painted onto glazed products. Anu Pentik is the studio's artist.


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Anu Pentik

Anu is the founder of Pentik and an enthusiastic artist, who has directed Pentik's artistic and industrial development for 49 years.
She dreams of the future and everything new she wants to see and feel. Anu is always ready for takeoff!
She does not look back, but she lives here and now, waiting eagerly what happens next.


What inspires you?
The enthusiasm of young people is inspiring, and so is the ability to see the beauty and not just the business. To be creative, you have to have a childlike freedom from prejudice, be playful and experimental. Many artists inspire me, and especially Birger Kaipiainen is one of the Finnish artists of that kind. I like to visit exhibitions and spend my time surrounded by art.

The creative process goes on in my head day and night. I don't draft or sketch a lot, because I like to work with the actual material. It's nice to have plenty to do, so I don't have to scratch my head and wonder what to do next. I'm always in creative mode, which often leads to exciting and unexpected situations. When you don't plan too much, there will be more room for intuitive beauty.

What is important at home?
The lakeside scenery seen through my wall-sized windows. Natural, refreshing and bold colours bring positive energy to your home. My kitchen has to be well-designed, because I love cooking. Due to the large windows, Mother Nature is my home decorator. She provides the colours and shapes. I just replace some pillows when the season changes.


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