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Dare to Dream!

All important things will grow and improve in 49 years: love, joy of life, longing for beauty, and handicraft skills. On the other hand, if a journey lasts half a century, there certainly will be obstacles and challenges along the way. Manufacturing ceramics has not always been easy, but it goes with the territory. Let's enjoy the second half of our century together and leave something beautiful for future generations.


1970s: Working hard in the basement


When everyone else was moving away from Posio, we wanted to move there. Our company started in 1971 practically by accident, like many other successful companies have done: Anu Pentik's enthusiasm for ceramics and leather crafts began to bring home the bacon. The Pentik tableware gained reputation for their round shapes and handicraft feel.

"The best way to find out if your company has it is to build a huge ceramics workshop along with a store and café."

Anu has always been very productive, so a new showroom was soon added to the Pentik-mäki Cultural Centre. Pentik boldly opened its first store on Esplanadi right in the heart of Helsinki in 1976.

”If you like something, someone else will like it too. It is simple as that!"





Pentik founded in February

Work at ceramic workshop underway, new studio
and showroom completed

World’s northernmost ceramic factory inaugurated

First store opened on Pohjois-Esplanadi in Helsinki, Finland

Hiisikuppi (Pixie mug) by Peter Winquist becomes a bestseller
Distribution outwith Posio enhanced
Leather garment factory completed


1980s: Tableware and leathers - a successful combination

In the 80's, people wanted to wear bright blue leather garments. And so did we. Pentik grew significantly during the 80's. Alongside ceramics, leather clothing was a strong line of business for Pentik. The ceramics factory was extended twice during this decade. In addition to that, Pentik launched the Artzan furniture line and a china studio.

”If you view the world with an open and creative mind, you can't look at it in any other way. If you feel that you want to make leather pants, then you definitely have to make them.”






Posio ceramic factory extended

Artzan furniture brand launched

Visitor attractions opened in Ranua and Pello
Pentik awarded the national Entrepreneur of the Year award

Pentik pavilion opens in Kuusankoski


1990s: Sincerity pays off



In the 90's we focused on what we did best: ceramics. The economical recession nearly derailed everything, but we survived. When we decided to wind down other lines of our activity and concentrate on ceramics, we were able to build the company's own store concept. Pentik underwent a transformation. Because we were not afraid of the future, we extended our product selection as soon as we could do it.

”We emphasized our way of life. The life that has always inspired us and made us happy - with or without the company.”



Artzan furniture factory and leather garment production wound down

1992 - 1995
Pentik stores launched

Pentik becomes a limited company

Pentik Centre in Posio launched as a visitor attraction


2000s: Pentik today

Anu does not spend the most of her time in the basement anymore. That is the biggest change during these 49 years. We still love what we do, and we love each other. There is just more to love than before: we have a large family, hundreds of workmates, and reindeer as our neighbours.

”My first thought when I wake up in the morning has been the same for 49 years: I can't wait to put my hands into clay. I love it."


Today, Pentik is an international interior design retailer, who wants to bring northern beauty and cosiness to homes. Pentik's own ceramics factory is still in Posio, Finland. In 2019, Pentik Oy's turnover was 30 million euros. The company has 250 employees, and they all belong to the big Pentik family.


Anu Pentik


Awarded the Finnish Ministry of Labour Good Employer award

Management handed over to the younger generation

Anu Pentik exhibition at the Retretti Art Centre

New logistics centre completed in Posio

Pentik is Company of the Year
The Pentik Group (Pentik Oy and franchise stores) employ a staff of over 300 and the company reports a turnover of €31m

Anu Pentik Gallery opens

Pentik turns 40 years.
40 years anniversary retrospective exhibition at the Pentik-mäki Cultural Centre
The exhibition showcases the company's history and products from 1971 to the present. 

Anu Pentik receives an honorary doctorate from the University of Lapland.

Anu Pentik awarded Pro Arte Lapponiae medal by the Arts Council of Lapland. First Pentik store opens in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Anu Pentik awarded Pro Finlandia medal

Pentik celebrates 45 years. Pentik's turnover ca. 30 million euros, and the company employes a staff of 300. Pentik store opens in Prague. 

Three Rooms exhibition in Helsinki Kunsthalle highlighted Anu Pentik (b. 1942) as an artist and celebrates her long career in the centre of Finnish ceramics. The exhibition was a part of the Finland 100 celebratory year.

Pentik store opens in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 

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