Ilo Bowl

Black 13x6 cm

Enjoy and celebrate small delights of everyday life and share moments of joy in great company! Colourful details bring bursts of joy to your table. Decorated by hand, Ilo (Joy) bowl is 13x6 cm in size. Made in Posio, Lapland, this ceramic tableware is extremely durable and long-lived. All our machine-washable ceramics are suitable for foodstuff and can be used in freezer, electric oven, baking oven and microwave. Made in Finland.


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SKU : 12JAB200K21


  • 0,24 kg
  • 13x6 cm

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Material Ceramics
Additional info N/A
Handling instructions Avoid fast temperature changes, oven proof, microwave oven proof, freezer proof, rinse before dish washer wash, dishwasher proof, suitable for food
EAN 6438024435333
Color Black
Size 13x6 cm
Weight 0,24 kg
Serie Ilo

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