Sydän Jar

Red 0,65 l

Designed by Lasse Kovanen, freshly red Sydän (Heart) pattern is sympathetic. The jar of the series is excellent for storing Christmas delicatessen or packing a delicious gift. The products of Sydän series pair well with white Anis series. Made in Posio, Lapland, these pottery utensils are extremely durable and long-lived. All our machine-washable pottery utensils are suitable for foodstuff and can be used in freezer, electric oven, baking oven as well as in microwave. Made in Finland.


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  • 0,56 kg
  • 0,65 l

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Material Ceramics, bamboo
Additional info No
Handling instructions Avoid fast temperature changes, rinse before dish washer wash, dishwasher proof, lid: no dishwashing, quick rinse, suitable for food
EAN 6438024416219
Color Red
Size 0,65 l
Weight 0,56 kg
Serie No

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    Lasse Kovanen

    Lasse states that the most important task and the most valuable skill of a designer is to incorporate "something you can't put into words" into a product. And that "something" has to touch people's hearts. Lasse is inspired by happy moments and the things and experiences that are close to people. His favourite subject is the world of nature, plants and animals. When Lasse is designing, he also pays attention to the customer. You can try to please customers and predict how they behave, but you have to find a way to win their love every time. Lasse has a master’s degree in fine arts (industrial design major).

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