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    Events Near You

    Lahti Karisma 14.2.2020-15.2.2020 Karisman ystäväviikonloppu
    Tammisaari 15.2.2020-22.2.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Salo 15.2.2020-16.2.2020 Lasten päivät
    Kotka 21.2.2020-1.3.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Kärsämäki Outlet 21.2.2020-2.3.2020 Ysmy
    Lohja Karnainen Outlet 21.2.2020-2.3.2020 Ystävämyynti
    Vantaa Jumbo 27.2.2020-1.3.2020 Jumbon Pyöreät Päivät
    Oulu 28.2.2020-7.3.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Tornio Outlet 29.2.2020-1.3.2020 Raja Twist
    Espoo Iso Omena 4.3.2020-8.3.2020 Lohkotut Hinnat
    Helsinki Kaari 4.3.2020-8.3.2020 Kaaren Karnevaali
    Helsinki Arabiakeskus Outlet 4.3.2020-7.3.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Helsinki Redi 6.3.2020-15.3.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Hämeenlinna 6.3.2020-14.3.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Hyvinkää 6.3.2020-15.3.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Imatra 9.3.2020-14.3.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Raisio 11.3.2020-15.3.2020 Myllytys
    Lahti Karisma 11.3.2020-15.3.2020 Karisman Karkelot
    Helsinki Forum 11.3.2020-15.3.2020 Hintasirkus
    Salo 11.3.2020-15.3.2020 Hintajahti
    Helsinki Tripla 12.3.2020-15.3.2020 Triplan hintakampanja
    Kempele 12.3.2020-22.3.2020 Hintamyrsky
    Helsinki Itis 12.3.2020-15.3.2020 Itis Ale
    Lappeenranta 12.3.2020-15.3.2020 Hintakarnevaalit
    Joensuu 13.3.2020-18.3.2020 Myynjäristys
    Savonlinna 14.3.2020-21.3.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Tammisaari 14.3.2020-21.3.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Espoo Sello 16.3.2020-22.3.2020 Sembalot
    Rovaniemi 16.3.2020-23.3.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Seinäjoki 18.3.2020-22.3.2020 Tasauspäivät
    Lempäälä 18.3.2020-22.3.2020 Tasauspäivät
    Lappeenranta 23.3.2020-29.3.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Kuopio H-talo 24.3.2020-28.3.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Kuopio Matkus Outlet 24.3.2020-28.3.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Tuuri Outlet 26.3.2020-29.3.2020 Kevätmarkkinat/synttärit
    Turku 30.3.2020-4.4.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Turku Länsikeskus Outlet 30.3.2020-4.4.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Lahti Trio 1.4.2020-5.4.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Tampere Koskikeskus 1.4.2020-5.4.2020 Miinus Viirus
    Pori 2.4.2020-5.4.2020 Johan On Markkinat
    Lempäälä 4.4.2020-5.4.2020 Ideapark sisustaa ja remontoi
    Salo 14.4.2020-20.4.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Järvenpää 16.4.2020-25.4.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Varkaus Outlet 21.4.2020-26.4.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Porvoo 22.4.2020-25.4.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Lahti Renkomäki Outlet 24.4.2020-3.5.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Heinola Outlet 24.4.2020-3.5.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Mäntsälä Outlet 24.4.2020-3.5.2020 Kevätmarkkinat
    Lahti Karisma 9.5.2020-9.5.2020 Karisman koti
    Jalasjärvi Outlet 21.5.2020-31.5.2020 Kesän juhlakauden avaus
    Tornio Outlet 26.6.2020-26.6.2020 Kauppamaraton
    Lahti Karisma 15.8.2020-15.8.2020 Karisman harrastukset
    Tampere Koskikeskus 30.9.2020-4.10.2020 Miinus Viirus

    Dedicated to Serve You

    We love to help our customers solve home decoration problems, and we will gladly give you tips and ideas to enhance the beauty of your home.
    Welcome to our stores, we will be there for you!

    Gifts for Every Occasion

    Our store personnel will help you to find a perfect gift and card for every occasion. We will wrap your gift beautifully, so that you will be ready for the celebration right away. View our gift ideas.  If you are looking for business gifts, contact our sales team

    New and Old Furniture

    Our high quality home furnishings are made in the classic Pentik style that combines Scandinavian simplicity with rustic charm and touches of the exotic to create a beautiful and harmonious whole. Ask for more information about transportation services from the store. 

    Pentik outlet stores

    In addition to Pentik Basic products, many discounted lines and ceramics seconds are also available in the Pentik outlet stores. The stores are located along main roads and offer an ideal stop off for all travellers.

    Overseas deliveries 

    You can order Pentik products abroad through our Posio store.

    Products that can be ordered are available on our online service. Send your order to using the product codes and names which can be found on our online service.
    The Posio store will contact you to confirm the order. In addition to postage costs, an invoicing charge of 10 EUR will be added to the total costs.
    The order must be paid in advance to Pentik Ltd´s account or by credit card thru ePayment Service.

    Credit cards, which can be used as payment
    Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Debit MasterCard.

    For more information about overseas deliveries, please contact our customer service or our Pentik store in Posio direct: 
    Factory Outlet Store
    Maaninkavaarantie 3
    97900 POSIO
    Tel. +358 (0) 207 220 330
    Fax. +358 (0) 207 220 331

    In the case of overseas orders for corporate customers, please contact


    Tax Free Shopping

    If you travel to Finland from outside the European Union and Norway, you can get tax free refunds. You can make tax free purchases at selected Pentik stores. The general VAT rate in Finland is 24 %. Your purchase may consist of both consumer goods (VAT 24%) and food products (VAT 14%). Minimum purchase amount for tax refund is 40 €/receipt.

    Ask for a Tax Refund Cheque and show your passport when you are paying for your purchases. Please note that the final refund that you receive will consist of the VAT total, minus a Global Blue administration fee.

    Tax Free Shopping is available at following Pentik stores:

    Global Blue Tax Free:
    Heinola Outlet
    Helsinki Redi
    Kuusamo Outlet
    Kuusankoski Outlet
    Tampere Koskikeskus
    Tornio Outlet
    Vantaa Jumbo

    Planet Payment:
    Helsinki Arabiakeskus Outlet
    Helsinki Forum
    Lappeenranta IsoKristiina

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