Designed by Minna Niskakangas, Jäkälä (Lechen) is a simplistic pattern for those who love clear lines. This graphic yet soft pattern represents timeless design that never goes out of style. Available in three colours: black, light brown and yellow.


Inspired by nature

Jäkälä collection was inspired by pure Finnish nature. Classic and simplistic Jäkälä collection promotes elegant softness and visuals which look great in many homes and interiors.


Made in Posio, Finland

Jäkälä ceramic produtcs are made in our own ceramics factory in Posio, Finland. Hidden in Posio is the northernmost ceramics factory in the world. The beauty of Pentik ceramics is inspired by nature’s primal forces and the flow of the seasons. Crafted with care and devotion, each Pentik item is a token of handcraft’s play with clay. A unique Finnish product and a partner for life.



Minna Niskakangas

Minna Niskakangas is an aesthete who wants to create good moods. She is always building a new home in her mind. The piano is the heart of her home, and she likes to invite her loved ones to sing around it. Minna has a master's degree in fine arts (industrial design major) from the University of Lapland.

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