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A unique and distinctive home interior is a mix of happy memories, treasured belongings and carefully considered spaces.
For style lovers, a beautiful table arrangement completes every meal time. 


The queen of the Christmas Eve

The Christmas Eve's banquet table will be set with the blazing Neilikka ('Dianthus'). Delicious food, beautiful Finnish dishes and the glow of the candles create the perfect setting for an unforgettabel Christmas Eve. The stage is finished with the warm Christmas spirit and a tranquil momen shared with your loved ones.

Flowers: Kukkatehdas


Red & pink

The marsala red Kaislikko pattern looks like a painting of irises. The pink and white tableware of the Kallio (Rock) series go perfectly with this shining pattern.


Picnic time

Nothing beats summer days on the beach. Pack picnic food, lovely tableware, pillows and blankets to a basket and enjoy eating outdoors.


Let's eat in the garden

Everything tastes better outdoors, especially from beautiful tableware. Welcome to the garden.


 Party ideas - Valo

If you organise your festive dinners carefully, your efforts will be rewarded. Use beautiful white tableware, and you will have almost no restrictions with your table setting. Choose a couple of accent colours for the textiles and flowers. Use decoration plates to create a festive atmosphere to your dinner table. If you place sprigs between plates and the decoration plates, your table setting will get a colourful touch. The green leaves will create a nice contrast with the ceramicware. Add silvery candle holders and vases with a few flowers and sprigs. Cut place cards out of cardboard for your guests. Make a hole in the card and slip flower stem through it. Beautifully plated courses will look good on white plates, and the cloth napkins create the finishing touch. Explore our recipes!

Lamb with garlic sauce >


Party ideas - Eden

Are you planning a confirmation party? If you have a coffee set only for six people, don't worry. Borrow cups and plates from your neighbours or friends. Choose similar colours and shapes, and they will blend nicely together. Don't make separate piles, but mix different cups and plates with each other. The same goes with forks and spoons, if you wrap the cutlery into nice paper napkins, which match your table setting. If you don't want to cover the beautiful surface of your table with a large tablecloth, you can bring colour to the table with a couple of table runners. Add a few matching flowers to give the last touch. See our recipes for delicious treats.

Mushroom quiche >


Party ideas - Vanilja

The popular Vanilja tableware collection is appropriate for festive occasions and everyday use. Sandy and creamy colours go well with earth tones and even with brighter colours. Try coral red, petrol blue or water green instead of subdued colours. Linen cloth napkins are easy to make. Textiles and flowers brighten up your table, and you can add freshness with white tableware. The Vanilja tableware are a perfect fit for every occasion.

See our Mexican menu here >>


Picnic idea

Paper plates are usually somewhat dull, but they are very useful on picnic. Add colourful paper napkins and attach them to the plates with clothespins. Fold a napkin in half, attach it to the edge of a plate and pile the plates. Make sure that you have a few extra plates for surprise visitors, and don't forget a plastic bag for your trash. Enjoy your picnic!

Creative ideas

Use a little imagination with decoration, ornaments and flowers when decorating the table. 


Asian influence

 Kivi, Kallio and Usva tableware collections are perfect for Asian style table setting. 




Finalise your table setting with decorations

Bring a touch of luxury to your festive table setting with fabric napkins. Change the look of the setting by folding or rolling the napkins in various ways, or by replacing traditional napkin rings with candle rings. Also things from nature, such as flowers and twigs, beautifully decorate your table.


Party ideas – Usva

It is easy to organize a casual bring-dish party with friends. One can bring cheeses, the other buys bread or fruits and so on. We have delicious flavoured crispbreads in our selection. You should also try our blueberry-flavoured honey, which accompanies salty cheeses perfectly.

Use cutting boards and trays as serving dishes. The cutting boards can have different colours and shapes, but then it is advisable to use neutral-coloured dishes. The shapes and colours of beautiful Usva ceramicware leave plenty of room for the delicious food to shine. The table setting does not need much else. Make sure you have high quality ingredients and enough time to spend with your friends.


Tapas with friends


  • Baguette and ciabatta
    Sun-dried tomatoes
    Small pickle cucumbers
    Artichoke hearts
    Different types of nuts

Saltine crackers 
Serrano ham
Brie cheese
Gouda cheese
Blue cheese


Kallio - Anu Pentik

 Anu Pentik is an enthusiastic artist, who has directed Pentik's artistic and industrial development for 45 years. She dreams of the future and everything new she wants to see and feel. Anu is always ready for takeoff! She does not look back, but she lives here and now, waiting eagerly what happens next. 
The table setting creates a northern atmosphere. It is simple yet playful with its colours and shapes. Anu's Finnish and Korean artist friends are enjoying the delicious flavours of Finnish nature. Anu has set the table with Kallio tableware and Kivi ceramicware. She serves whitefish with lemon sauce accompanied with green salad seasoned with herbs from her own garden. Sweet potato soup gets its colour from beetroot, and ginger gives a lovely flavour. The soup is accompanied by local warm flatbread with butter.


Versatile cups and mugs

 Would you like a cup of coffee? Or maybe a cup of chocolate ice cake with ice cream? Cups and mugs are suitable for a wide variety of uses. You can use them for baking or for decoration. For example, bulbs can find their home in a coffee cup or your favorite mug. All our ceramic table ware can withstand a dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer.

Welcome Your Guests

Paint pieces of plywood with chalkboard paint and place them under plates. Write down your guests' names with a chalk. Black placemats go well with colourful patterns. Flea markets are full of wonderful vintage cutlery. Create a nice place card by putting a piece of cardboard on a fork or write your guest's name to a cloth napkin with stamps. Make affordable napkins and sew them yourself.

Durable beauty to your table

The tableware brochure displays all our ceramic tableware series made in Posio, Lapland. Representing superb design, these tableware series are also very functional in use – both qualities that we highly value at Pentik. Thus they can be used in oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer. Bring new delight to your everyday life and celebrations with these wonderful tableware series! We love and cherish timeless beauty that lasts from generation to generation.



Crayfish party

Crayfish party is the long-awaited late summer celebration and a beloved tradition among many friend circles. If the weather allows, you can create a festive table setting outdoors, even on the pier. Choose a festive tablecloth, a showy serving bowl for the crayfish as well as napkins that suit the theme. Reserve plenty of napkins and small water bowls so that your guests can wash their hands while enjoying the crayfish.

Candle lanterns bring a beautiful light to the evening twilight. Reserve also warm blankets for everyone so that you can continue the celebration outdoors despite the evening getting cooler.


 Invite friends out to eat

There is something melancholic and romantic in the late summer evenings. Summer is not over yet, but the nights are getting cooler as the autumn nears. It is wonderful to light up candles and enjoy food outside. We have gathered a few easy recipes highlighting seasonal ingredients. Hang lights in trees to create a nice atmosphere. Make sure to provide warm blankets for your guests, if you want to stay out longer.


Bread roll wrapped in napkin

Cloth napkins are an affordable but a bit more luxurious way to set the table. Wrap a warm bread roll in a napkin. Tie the opposite corners with knots. Place the napkin on a plate and serve soup in a mug.



Play with moods 

Create a beautiful table setting with differently coloured, overlapping table runners. For a Japanese spirited table, add a wooden tray and a monochrome fabric napkin. Handpainted Pentik Studio plates and heartbowls can be used for serving food, too. 


Celebrate with blue and white

Finland is preparing to celebrate its century-long path as an independent country. Take a look at our Usva product range that includes stylish tableware and textiles to celebrate our 100 years old blue and white Finland. 



Table Setting Tips for Winter Parties

Use cloth napkins to bring some luxury to your table setting. Fold the napkins on plates, roll them or use candle rings around the napkins instead of traditional napkin rings. . Twigs and sprigs are also nice decorative elements for your dinner table.



Table setting for spring

 Miia (from Sweet Bites) loves inviting friends over. Miia fell in love with Kallio series and used the dishes for beautiful table setting. 


Glowing red

Ruusu pattern gives your Christmas table a mediterranean twist. An impressive pattern looks best with minimalistic white tableware.


Serene atmosphere

Create a serene table setting with ceramic tableware from Finland and a beautiful tablecloth. Beautifully shimmering details of Karelia pattern give this table setting a festive feeling. 


 Sparkle and twinkle

The dinner is served in the winter garden decorated with lanterns and Christmas lights.

Christmas Table Menu Cards

White napkins accompany well the beautiful Amaryllis tablecloth. Fold the napkin into a simple pocket. Write the menu on a piece of carton, and slip it into the pocket. Or you can use the cardboard to make place cards for your Christmas dinner guests. 



Who's Coming to Dinner

You will only need pieces of wood and pieces of paper to create personal place cards. Saw the branch into a 6 cm pieces, and make a 1 cm deep cut to the other end. Write names to the cards and slip them to the cuts. Tip! Get a piece of linen and cut it into 50x50 cm pieces. Machine-wash the pieces, but don't iron them. The rough surface and frayed edges of the beautiful linen creates a nice contrast to the plain table setting.



Make a beautiful Christmas table

An inviting Christmas table is all about polished details that suit the theme. You can play and change the look of your table setting with Christmas decorations, edible elements and various branches of plants. Check these simple and atmospheric ideas!

1. Wrap a felt-made Christmas elf decoration in a napkin and decorate with a small piece of coniferous. 
2. Cinnamon stick looks beautiful with white Sienna napkin. Wrap rough jute yarn around the napkin and place the cinnamon stick and a tiny flower branch between the napkin and the yarn.
3. Make a round branch decoration by folding a thick wire into a circle and by attaching the plant branch into the wire with a thin ribbon. Finish this entity with a white-red decorative ribbon.


Easter morning

After a long dark period, growing morning light invites us to enjoy slow breakfasts. Increasing amount of light will also wake up the catkins. Bring spring feeling to your home by decorating your morning table with some willow sprigs. Roll the fabric napkins diagonally and fold them in half, to create a hole for cooked egg under the ”bunny ears”. Inspire your children to decorate by placing marker pens next to their plates. Easy-to-make mango lassi is a quick and fresh way to get the morning going. We are heading towards the spring!

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