Pentik - Made in Posio

 Near the Arctic Circle, there is a tiny village called Posio. This small hamlet has been the home of Pentik for nearly half a century. In the heart of Lapland, far from the sounds of the city, the ground is colored by the seasons and the evening sky shimmers with northern lights. Here, the magic of nature flows wild and free. 



Hidden in Posio is the northernmost ceramics factory in the world. The beauty of Pentik ceramics is inspired by nature’s primal forces and the flow of the seasons. Crafted with care and devotion, each Pentik item is a token of handcraft’s play with clay. A unique Finnish product and a partner for life.

About our ceramics factory


An idea crafts into a finished product through many pairs of hands. Every pass is important when creativity and curiosity blend into refined craftsmanship. The surface of every Pentik item records a touch of past - memories of dreams fulfilled and of those that got away - a story to be told. 

More about our story



A piece of that tale is imprinted with the magical works:

Made in Posio, Finland.


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