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Create your own enchanting wreath

Cooperate with Kukkatehdas

-A round base for tying the wreath, for example a metallic ring. In addition, you will need iron wire (or floral wire)
-Different twigs, greenery, sprigs, dried flowers and decorations

Cut the twigs and other material to pieces, between 5 and 10 centimetres in length. Attach the end of the wire steadily to the base of the wreath. Gather the cut pieces to a small bunch, set it on top of the wreath base and tie them together by tightly wrapping the wire two or three times around the stems of the bunch. Continue doing this by attaching the next bunch on top of the previous unit's wire attachments. It is a good idea to arrange the bunches in overlapping rows: this will result in balanced, even wreath. After the final bunch is attached, you can cover the wire with a jute twine or a silk ribbon.


Roller blind

Simplistic roller blind is perfect for the kitchen, for example, since it softens the space without covering too much of the window. You can play with various fabrics and curtain ribbons and sew a curtain that suits your style and home.

You need:
Curtain fabric, curtain ribbon, round wooden lath (1 cm square) and sewing thread.


Follow these steps:

1. Measure the width of your window and buy appropriate fabric for the curtain. If your window is wide, you can sew the curtain of two pieces, when there will be a seam. Or if you prefer, you can sew two separate curtains. The curtain can be installed either on the window recess or on the window frames.

2. Measure a right-sized piece of the fabric, leave approx. 2 cm seam allowances to long edges, and approx. 60 cm to the length for rolling, seam allowances and the ribbon channel of the lower edge. Measure 2 x height of the curtain from the ribbon + add 60 cm. If the curtain is installed on the rod, add a necessary folding allowance to the top edge of the curtain. When installing on the curtain rail, approx. 2 cm seam allowances will do.

3. Fold approximately 1 cm double-fold hems to the long edges and sew. Iron the edges. For the wooden lath, make an approx. 3 cm double-fold hem to the lower edge of the curtain and iron.

4. For the installation, fold double hems to the top edge of the curtain and sew.

5. Measure approx. 10 cm from the sides of the top edge to the center and attach a half-folded ribbon to it with pins. The ribbon will be both on the front and reverse side of the curtain. Sew the ribbon to the curtain.

6. String the wooden lath to the lower edge of the curtain and roll the curtain to your desired height, tie the ribbons into a bow.

7. Install the curtain on the rod or on the rail.


New look for the chair

Cover the seat cushions of your chairs with top-quality cotton fabrics. You don’t need much fabric to give them a new look. Grab this easy tip and change your home interior quickly and smoothly. Sew a cover for your cushions or spread the fabric tightly on the chair pad iand staple it under the seat.


Let's be artistic with natural colours

It’s great to create unique wall art with children! When you are painting with natural colours, it does not matter if your child happens to lick his/her finger every now and then. Make sure you have paintbrushes, mugs for the colours, thick watercolour paper and a waxcloth. For the colours, you also need blueberries, beetroot/lingonberries, carrots/turmeric and kale.

Put approximately a deciliter of frozen blueberries and lingonberries in their own mugs and pour ½ deciliter of boiling water in the mugs. Let the berries soak for an hour, crush the juice from them and sieve the skins of the berries. Look what a wonderful red and lilac colour you have made! If you wish to create a different shade of red, put beetroot into a juice extractor. To create a green colour, you need a juice extractor. Or alternatively you can mix kale leaves and water in a blender and strain the juice. The more water, the lighter the colour. To create an orange colour, press carrots through a juice extractor or mix a tablespoon of turmeric in a deciliter of boiling water, then let it cool down.

Now it’s time to paint! A mug may fall down, but a waxcloth or plastic will save the situation, and you can continue painting with bare hands. Let your child express himself/herself freely and do not worry about cleaning the mess. In the end, you can sign your artwork with your palm or sole. Remember also to write down the date before framing your artwork.


Beautiful rosettes 

Save some egg cells and burnt candles. When you’ve got enough of them, make rosettes by ripping the egg cells so that the cup of the cell makes the bottom for the flower. Rip also strips of the cell and place them overlapping in the “cup” so that they look like rose petals.

Melt the candles into liquid in an old kettle. Remember to keep an eye on the kettle! Take the kettle from the lid and place it on an even, safe place. Use pliers and dip the flowers in stearin for a few times, then let them dry in peace.



Atmospheric summer evenings

Use garden flowers and candles to catch the attention during the summer evening. Scoop tealight-sized holes in apples and place tealights in them. Let the flowers and candles float in an enamel vat or a bucket.



Pressed Flower Art

Kasvio pattern was inspired by an old wooden plant press from the 1950’s. Designer Liina Harju pressed flowers she had picked from meadows and bought from the florist’s. Create your own piece of art by choosing the most beautiful dried flowers and framing them on your wall. 


Outdoor get-together

As the summer evenings are getting darker and colder, it is not too late to spend an evening with friends in your backyard. Late summer offers plenty of intense colours in harvest and nature. Like the delightful yellow and orange tones of pumpkins. Try to find beautiful old bottles and place twigs and flowers in them. Search your cabinets and cupboards for lanterns and candles. You won't even notice the chilly weather, if you have soft and warm blankets for your guests.


Cafe Curtains for Christmas

Create inexpensive and easy Christmas curtains with kitchen towels or runners. These curtains are quick to make, so you will have more time for the Christmas preparations. 



Christmas Cards

Personal Christmas cards will bring joy to the recipient. Get cardboard or thick watercolour paper, a couple of pears, paint brushes and watercolour paint. Cut the cardboard into appropriate-sized cards. Elf cards: cut the pears in half and dip them in the paint. Press "the elf hat" on the cardboard, draw a face and write season's greetings. Reindeer cards: Press fingerprints on the cardboard to create a funny reindeer face. Draw antlers, eyes, mouth and Rudolph's red nose.


The most beautiful Christmas gifts

A personalised gift delights the giver as much as the person who receives it. By choosing a one-coloured paper, you can write the receiver’s name with stamp letters on the gift. Or just replace traditional cardboard cards with wooden pucks you have sawn from branches. Drill a small hole in wood for the ribbon and paint the surface with blackboard paint. Or buy these ready-made from a craft shop. You can also decorate your gifts with twigs or Christmas decorations. Combine one-coloured paper with various ribbons, or wrap your gifts in newspaper that you have painted or decorated with stamp.


Paper Snowflakes

The lovely childhood memories – cut-out paper snowflakes! It is nice to prepare for Christmas, if the whole family will do the chores together. In addition to the traditional Christmas tree, you can decorate your window with a paper snowflake tree. Your neighbours will love it too!


Paint your Easter eggs in natural colours

Try painting your Easter eggs with natural colours. Beetroot, onion and red onion, turmeric and blueberry wonderfully dye the eggshell. Cook the eggs in a saucepan with a colouring ingredient for 10-20 minutes, depending on desired depth of the shade. When the colour has dried up, decorate the eggs in black and white, using Indian ink or concealer with a thin brush.  

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