Tailored products

Tailored corporate products

At our Posio factory, we make personalized mugs and other ceramic products for companies. Our skilled experts decorate them all by hand. It is always a delight to give top-quality Finnish products as gifts. If you need a wider product range, we can make your own design. 

Case Invalidiliitto (The Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities)

Life is like a river carried by the wings of thought. The heart communicates joy and love.”

Designing personalized products for Invalidiliitto started from the Association’s need to find suitable gifts for their staff and stakeholders on their brithdays and at Christmas. It was important for Invalidiliitto to find gift products that are made in Finland and that communicate the values of the Association while expressing the artistic style of the designer. Anu Pentik designed the decorations based on Invalidiliitto’s wishes, bearing in mind the values, the principal task of the Association and the colours of their graphic guidance.


Case Tehy (The Union of Health and Social Care Professionals in Finland)

The products made in collaboration between Pentik, Innoflame and Tehy combine the beautiful red Tehy colour and the artistic vision of Pentik designer Lasse Kovanen. The original artwork for this soft and humane pattern is made with pastel colours.  


Case Jokerit

Together with Jokerit ice-hockey team, we designed and made series of fan products. Following carefully the pattern and colour world of Jokerit, our designer Lasse Kovanen softened the subject with watercolours, to make it suitable for textiles. Hand-made template decorations leave their own mark in the ceramics.


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