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Does the interior of your hotel or restaurant need a facelift? We have a comprehensive range of both modern and traditional products that can be combined to create a personal look. Our tableware is made in Posio, at the northernmost ceramic factory of the world. All their parts are dishwasher- and freezer-proof and can be used in oven, baking oven and microwave. Create an inviting atmosphere with our beautiful lanterns and napkins. 

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Palace Restaurant

The renewed Palace Restaurant opened its doors in November 2017 at Eteläranta, Helsinki. The tableware of the restaurant has been designed by Hans Välimäki and Anu Pentik. ”It all started from food”, reminisces Hans Välimäki: ”Once I had the menu planned, I started to design plates for it.” He found Anu Pentik to put his ideas into practice. ”I drew ideas on paper and sent them to Anu. Then we checked with the professionals from the factory what functions well and what not”, Välimäki elaborates. 

The colour scale and shapes of Palace’s tableware have been chosen food in mind. For example, the matte black bowl has a light bottom that highlights the food better. So far, this unique tableware is used only at the fine dining side of Palace Restaurant.


Restaurant Jord

The Finns love our top-quality tableware and textile collection that also offers great options for hotels, restaurants and catering services. In the upstairs of Kamppi Shopping Center’s Kortteli restaurant area, Restaurant Jord serves delicious dishes in Pentik’s tableware. Their knuckle of lamb, parsnip and lingonberry portion is served from Kallio (Rock) bowl under which there is a plate from the Kivi (Stone) series. Pike-perch with butter and celery is served from Kivi plate.


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