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The gift has to communicate the values of its giver while giving warm greetings to the receiver. 
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Kallio & Pastelli

The organic shape of Kallio (Rock) ceramics is born handmade in Finland. The name of Pastelli (Pastel) pattern refers to the drawing technique and gentle colour and shape world enriched with black details.
Kallio design: Anu Pentik, Pastelli design: Minna Niskakangas  


Graphic new Rautu (Arctic Char) pattern is created with metallographic methods. Make modern black and white gifts by combining this impressive fish pattern with simply stylish Anis ceramics. Rautu and Anis design: Lasse Kovanen  

Silvered Reindeers

A silvered reindeer is a true classic, a particularly desired gift. Inari reindeers are the newest addition to the product family. These stylish design items are timeless classics that maintain their value. 


Our soft nap blankets feel lovely on the skin while giving the atmosphere a luxurious vibe. Fine patterns and top-quality weavings make them a timeless choice. Nothing delights like a warm and soft gift!


Saaga (Saga) series has enjoyed great popularity for a decade! Its beloved and classic reindeer pattern has been inspired by rock paintings. Despite time and place, Saaga gifts bring a lovely Northern breeze.
Saaga design: Minna Niskakangas 

Fauna, Metsikkö & Kivi

Fauna and Metsikkö (Grove) patterns are both inspired by Northern nature and its animals. Kivi ceramics have a uniquely glazed, vivid and impressive surface that captures the eye.
Kivi design: Anu Pentik, Fauna design: Lasse Kovanen, Metsikkö design: Minna Niskakangas 

Laituri & Koivu

The stripes of Laituri (Cottage Pier) pattern depict the wood grains of old timber boards whereas the original work for Koivu (Birch) pattern is printed with monotype technique. The pattern is a magnificent interpretation of powerful yet delicate character of the trees. Laituri and Koivu design: Minna Niskakangas


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