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Made in Posio

Near the Arctic Circle, there is a tiny village called Posio. This small hamlet has been the home of Pentik for nearly half a century. Crafted with care and devotion, each Pentik item is a token of the interplay between craftmanship and clay. The surface of every Pentik item records a touch of the past—memories of dreams fulfilled and of those that got away. A story to be told. A piece of that tale is imprinted with the magical words: Made in Posio, Finland.

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A human touch is present in the ceramic Kallio tableware. Strength and subtlety go hand in hand in every cup, plate and bowl. That is why you will crave to touch and feel the tableware. Available in white, grey and pink.
Design: Anu Pentik



The light simplicity leaves room for colourful textiles and delicious servings. The lovers of both decorative and plain styles will be charmed by the white table setting.
Design: Lasse Kovanen



Saaga (Saga) series has enjoyed great popularity for a decade! Its beloved and classic reindeer pattern has been inspired by rock paintings. Despite time and place, Saaga gifts bring a lovely Northern breeze.
Design: Minna Niskakangas.  



Kivi ceramics have a uniquely glazed, vivid and impressive surface that captures the eye.
Design: Anu Pentik


Finnish design

Anu Pentik, Minna Niskakangas, Lasse Kovanen and Liina Harju challenge themselves from season to season to bring joy and inspiration to as many people as possible. The stunning patterns are created by painting, drawing and other techniques.


Pihlaja and Laituri

Designed by Liina Harju, grey Pihlaja (Rowan) collection is decorated with pretty berries and leaves.
Pihlaja design: Liina Harju
Laituri design: Minna Niskakangas



 A tour inside ceramics factory


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