Press release 18.6.2019

Riikka Wulff appointed as CEO of Pentik

The first CEO outside the Pentikäinen family 

M.Sc. (Econ.) Riikka Wulff has been appointed as the new CEO of Pentik Oy. Wulff has worked for nearly 20 years within digital business at Alma Media Group, the last 10 years of which she has held business management positions in various units inside the Group. At the moment, Wulff is in charge of Alma Talent Information Services business unit. She will start in her new position at Pentik on 1.8.2019.

”Riikka fulfilled all the criteria that we required from our new CEO: excellent management abilities, strong business director background and profound understanding of the possibilities that digitalization offers. On the other hand, her long work career at Alma Media tells about commitment and perseverance, which we respect as well. Thanks to the company that her family owns, she is also familiar with the values and typical way of thinking of family companies”, says Pasi Pentikäinen who will now become the Chairman of the Board at Pentik.

Riikka Wulff is excited about her new position. ”Pentik’s story is unique, and I feel privileged to be a part of it as the first CEO outside the family. Scandinavian spirit and authenticity appeal to today’s consumers. Based upon the rugged beauty of Northern nature, Pentik’s brand offers a solid foundation for building new. My long experience in developing and managing digital business both on consumer and B2B markets will surely be of use”, notes Riikka Wulff.

According to Pasi Pentikäinen, Pentik strives to grow its business by contributing more to export and e-commerce. ”Riikka’s new kind of expertise and energy will be crucial now as Pentik is about to start a major development and renewal project. She is here to complete our dream team, the key to succeeding in this. Our Board will also experience some changes”, Pasi Pentikäinen discloses.

Further information:

Pasi Pentikäinen
CEO until 1.8.2019, Chairman of the Board from 1.8.2019 onwards, tel. +358 40 576 4491

Riikka Wulff
CEO from 1.8.2019 onwards, tel. +358 40 777 8299

Pentik in short

As a chain of 50 interior décor stores, we want to bring Northern beauty and intimacy to people’s lives. We create inspiring homes by matching Finnish arts and crafts with our most beautiful discoveries from the world. We employ approximately 250 persons, and our turnover in 2018 was EUR 27 million. See also:


Pentik pop-up in Isetan department store, Japan 

Pentik is available at a pop-up store at Isetan department store in Tokyo, Japan 14.-29.5.2018. Pentik’s agent in Japan is Scandex CO.


Pentik shapes the mindscape of Finnish homes

Pentik – Beauty to every home

Pentik is an interior design retailer that surrounds us and our homes with Northern beauty and cosiness. We love to create inspiring homes by combining Finnish handicrafts with our most beautiful discoveries from around the world.
Our Basic collection is complemented with changing seasonal collections four times a year. These collections offer versatile products for various interiors and table settings. Delicate spring, fresh summer, spicy autumn and atmospheric Christmas inspire the themes and colours of our seasonal collections.
Our ceramics factory started in Posio in 1971. Today its annual production is a fair 300,000 objects.

What we bring to KOTI

We are proud to bring our newest Posio-made ceramics series – Kallio (Rock), Kivi (Stone) and Usva (Mist) – to Habitare’s KOTI. The new natural forms and hip colours of these tableware covey a strong message in different installations.
Our fresh Usva pattern is present in various interior sets of KOTI. This pattern charms with its soft, ink-blue sorrel silhouette. Also other Pentik interior textiles and products make KOTI even more homey.

Why we love to be a part of this project?

Pentik wants to be present in the everyday life and celebrations of every home.
With KOTI we can reach both new customers and customers we already know. We wish to inspire all Habitare visitors to create the most beautiful table settings and atmospheres to their own homes.

Further information: Salla Ahonen, Marketing Director, tel. +358 40 747 9622,
Pentik Oy ▪ Maaninkavaarantie 4 A ▪ 97900 Posio ▪ Company ID 0210532-4 ▪

Lisätietoja osastosta ja kumppaneista:



Artist Anu Pentik donated her artwork for New Children’s Hospital 

 Press release. Published: 08.08.2017, 08:30

The Association of Friends of the University Children’s Hospitals

Anu Pentik donated her Siivet kantaa (Wings that Carry) installation from Kolme tilaa (Three Rooms) exhibition held in Kunsthalle Helsinki for New Children’s Hospital. This 15 metre-long installation consists of several ceramic wings. ”A human being can grow invisible wings that carry up and forward. I believe this artwork brings hope and strength for small patients and their loved ones. The New Children’s Hospital is the best possible place for it”, says Anu Pentik.
The Chairman of New Children’s Hospital 2017 Support Association and Foundation), Anne Berner, was happy to receive this donation together with Anne Knaster, Executive Director of the Association of Friends of the University Children’s Hospitals, in a donation event arranged in Helsinki on August 7th. ”This visually impressive artwork looks perfect in our New Children’s Hospital and delights both eyes and mind. It is wonderful to receive this kind of donation from a significant Finnish artist”, comments Knaster.

New Children’s Hospital, purposed for both Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the whole Finland, will rise phase by phase in the Meilahti area in the end of 2017 and by the end of June 2018. During 2018, the hospital will open its doors. Also children, their families and the hospital staff have participated in the design of this new hospital.

Anu Pentik (b. 1942) is a Pro Finlandia awarded ceramist and the Founder & Artistic Director of Pentik Oy. In 2012, she was promoted to honorary doctor of the University of Lapland. Anu Pentik’s Three Rooms exhibition attracted nearly 46,500 visitors to Kunsthalle in only two months. The exhibition was a part of the Finland100 anniversary program. The massive installations of this exhibition took the visitors through three spaces: Heaven, Earth and Colourful Paradise. Wings that Carry artwork was a part of Heaven installation.

Further information:
Auli Harjama (Pentik), tel. 050 511 2141,
Anne Knaster (Association of Friends), tel. 040 418 6547,

Auli Harjama (Pentik), p. 050 511 2141,
Anne Knaster (Kummit), p. 040 418 6547,


Pentik tiles decorate the protected facade of the Helsinki City Theatre

The 2-year renovation of the Helsinki City Theatre has just been completed, and in August the theatre re-opened its doors to the public. The new tiles for its facade were manufactured by Pentik Construction Ceramics. This way the exterior of this protected theatre building remained unchanged. The walls of Elsa, Helsinki City Theatre’s annex completed in 1989, were originally covered with custom-built ceramic tiles made at the Arabia factories. As new equivalents for these original tiles were not available anymore, Pentik Construction Ceramics developed new tiles with Otfried Blümchen who had earlier worked at the Arabia factories.

Finding the perfect recipe for the tiles demanded working with different models for the clay mass, glaze, strength and the looks of the tiles. Pentik produced a neccessary amount of new tiles on a production line set up for this project.
Altogether there are over 20,000 new hand-made ceramic tiles on the facade of the Helsinki City theatre. The entire facade opening towards Eläintarhanlahti will be illuminated, and the lightning can be adjusted according to the time of the day, events as well as atmospheres.

Pentik is known worldwide for its top-quality ceramic products and Northern design. Since the very beginning, clay has been at the core of Pentik’s expertise. More than four decades in the business have taught the family how versatile clay can be turned into almost anything. Pentik Construction Ceramics manufactures ceramic tiles for unique facade and indoor construction projects.

Ceramic specialty tiles are ideal for high-standard new buildings and renovation construction projects where design and production of the tiles requires uncompromising expertise and flexibility. The design and clay recipe of these technically high-quality tiles are always tailored to meet the wishes of our customers. The tiles are manufactured at Pentik’s ceramics factory at Posio.
Further information:
Harri Bergman (Pentik), p. 0405440427,

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