Aurora Tray

Pink 38 cm

Create your dream summer room well in advance for spring and summer! In the trendy sweet Aurora design, Persian buttercups, hydrangeas, and cherry tree branches dance in melted harmony, bringing to mind memories of morning coffees on sunny terraces. Set your breakfast on your Aurora tray and take it with you to the porch or balcony. The trays are made on the island of Öland in Sweden.

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SKU : 1PUU0328A51


  • 0,41 kg
  • 38 cm

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    Material Laminated birch veneer
    Additional info N/A
    Handling instructions N/A
    EAN 6438024463503
    Color Pink
    Size 38 cm
    Weight 0,41 kg
    Serie Aurora

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      Minna Niskakangas

      Minna is an aesthete who wants to create good moods. She is always building a new home in her mind. The piano is the heart of her home, and she likes to invite her loved ones to sing around it. Minna has a master's degree in fine arts (industrial design major) from the University of Lapland.

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