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The Pentik Collection 


A home decorated with Pentik designs has the modern and relaxed feel of a place where you feel happy and comfortable. The Pentik style combines Scandinavian simplicity with rustic charm and touches of the exotic to create a beautiful and harmonious whole.

Autumn 2015

The violets and irises of the Salonki pattern evoke a mellow and mysterious feel.


The meticulous design and high-quality materials of the Karla bags give the range a timeless look. 


Our versatile glassware ranges come in colours that match beautifully with your table settings.





Pentik’s high-quality, hand-decorated ceramics are produced at the company´s factory in Posio, Finland.










The coffees and teas in our delicatessen range are complemented by seasonal delicacies.                        


The Pentik Basic lines are always complemented with seasonal ranges that help to set the desired atmosphere.


Pentik fabrics help you to create seasonal looks in your home. All our textiles are made using high-quality natural materials including cotton, linen and silk.







Our furnishings are made in the classic Pentik style that combines Scandinavian simplicity with rustic charm.

Table settings 

Pentik introduces an inventive range of homewares to help you create beautiful table arrangements.


Our wellness and sauna collection comprises wonderful new products - hand creams, scented candles, liquid soaps and room fragrances.