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Pentik Stores


Pentik has over 80 stores in Finland, Sweden and Russia.  The stores reflect our holistic interior design philosophy that emphasises quality and attention to detail. All Pentik stores stock an excellent selection of both Pentik Basic and seasonal items.

Pentik outlet stores

In addition to Pentik Basic products, many discounted lines and ceramics seconds are also available in the Pentik outlet stores. The stores are located along main roads and offer an ideal stop off for all travellers.

Shop in shop

Pentik also has concessions in the Stockmann and Sokos department stores in Finland and aboard the Silja Line cruise ships.

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Polku Exhibition
Polku-exhibition will be open at the Kymen Paviljonki, Pentik Gallery on Wednesday the 10th of July, at 10 O´clock.   The Artist Anu Pentik

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